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Electroplating systems, water treatment, recovery and refining of precious metals

Turnkey solution in the electroplating, process water treatment precious metal refining and fume treatment; design and realization of customized system planned according to the client's needs and using cutting-edge technical solutions.

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Electroplating and water treatment

The combination of chemical experience and engineering allows us to create the best electroplating systems for the high fashion, costume jewellery and jewellery sectors. 
High-quality parts and process optimization are the keys to success for our clients.

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Refining and recovery of precious metals

Correct recovery and the best refining of precious metals is our client's aim; creating systems to refine and recover gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium is our mission.

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Goldsmithing plants

The creation of the main chemical process systems for the goldsmithing sector, including gold and silver electroplating, chemical whitening, chemical polishing “bombing” and recovery, acid emptying, water demineralization, reverse osmosis, physical chemical treatment of waste water, fume treatment.

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